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December 16, 2009

Welcome to 5280point5, the blog of eclectic association between modern political rants and historical or cultural anchors. 

Well, you say, that sounds like a big old pile of jibberish…what exactly in the hell are you talking about? 

I am an unabashed liberal with a taste for politics, history, music, movies, and books.  I have a particularly strong love/hate relationship with US politics and invariably I find myself venting on some particular and (usually) inane point.  While such venting is rarely therapeutic, my better half thought maybe I could link the rant with some obscure bit of cultural or historical reference, kind of like a word association game. 

Throughout my life, I have accumulated a wide variety of obscure bits of knowledge and often find they have reference points in daily life.  This knowledge is, as Washington, D.C. has been described, a mile wide and six inches deep.  To make a long story short (“Too late!” – Clue: The Movie – see how this works?), this blog will usually start with a political thought, but then will add a broader (some might say, out of “left” field, but that’s just the way I roll) view to the happenings of the day.  This is my attempt to add a slightly different view on our daily inundation of “news,” and maybe, every once in a while, pique your interest and allow us all a bit of relief from the seemingly unending stream of blather. 

So welcome readers.  I do hope you will stick around.  If you like what you read, feel free to say so.  If you don’t, just don’t read anymore.  Flames, trolls, and general asshattery will not be tolerated, anonymity is no excuse for rudeness. 

“Sure you can smoke, burst into flames for all I care….”

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