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The Great Grizzly Bear Attack of 2009

January 21, 2010

So Scott Brown, a better-looking version of Joe the Plumber, won in Massachusetts.   Great.  We already know exactly how he’ll vote so there’s no worry there.  His asinine amendments might be an issue (think the anti-Franken of women’s “rights”), but we’ll cross that bridge later.

The democratic leadership response to still holding a *gasp* 59-41 seat majority was a sight to behold.  Like bugs rolling over and dying.  Way to go guys, I’m feeling inspired from here.  You let the repugs win just by being obstreperous asshats and not changing one single thing since they drove this country off the cliff in the Aughties (yep, I’m calling them the aughties, the two-thousandsies is just a mouthful when typing).

Spine up dem leadership.  Pass the damn health care bill and move on to a freaking jobs bill!  You have an 18 seat majority, use it!

This whole thing reminds me of the Great Grizzly Bear Attack of 2009, a.k.a. the chihuahua incident.  When I was out west with my better half over the recent holidays, I managed to get the family chihuahua riled up enough to jump up from its 3 inch legs and bite my nose.  And that itty bitty dog really got my nose, blood and everything.  When we went to my part of the family in the southeast, my better half and I jokingly decided that we would say I got attacked by a Grizzly Bear.  Because, you know, that’s better than admitting what actually happened.

Being up in the Senate by only 18 seats instead of 20 is a chihuahua incident.  Yes it sucks for the supposed “filibuster proof” majority but if we’re relying on Lying Joe and no-good Nelson to get us over that line, then you can have ’em.  This is not a grizzly attack, it’s a chihuahua bite.  We got the stimulus package passed with only 58 dems back in February, all is not lost.  The MSM are not helping, granted, but if the dems got their act together and starting treating this as a bite from a very small dog versus a mauling by a very large bear, then there would be much less excitement for the MSM to cover, and it would GO AWAY and Congress could get back to running .5 miles an hour on that treadmill of theirs governing.

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