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Tolerance or Ignorance? (with updates)

February 11, 2010

For a fine, fine example of the fickleness of “polls” and “people” read this amazing (in a completely ironic way) blog caucus post from the New York Times.  Stirring stuff really. 

Potato v. Po-tah-toe

I pose you another question: Bipartisanship or Spineless Dems?

Does anyone else want to remind the Senate Dems via a swift kick in their derriere that we did not give them a significant majority to piss it away via crappy, useless, why waste the paper-its-on bills?  Pass good stuff via reconciliation, or watch it all drain away come November.  It’s not pretty, but I’m guessing getting health care for 40 million uninsured folks plus an actual jobs bill with a real put-Americans-to-work building stuff (ie infrastructure) versus an health insurance company windfall plus tax breaks with a few piddly jobs isn’t going to be much of a selling point.

I have no cool, fun things to link this to today as I’m at work and this “jobs bill” introduced by Senator “Groan, Why Him?” Baucus just makes me so angry I wanted to vent. 

[Update]: Wow, go Harry Reid

On a different note, go Blue Devils- always nice to beat UNC on their turf.  And, thoughts on the Atlanta Braves making an offer to Johnny Damon?  Count me agnostic.  But bringing back Tom Glavine?  Count me in!  Good move.  Reservations for Cooperstown in 2014? Check!

Extra special You Tube moment:  My better half gets incredibly irritated when climate change is just called global warming.  Both are true statements, but it’s more that global warming is the cause, climate change is the result.  And calling it all global warming leads to idiot statements about how a freaking snowstorm in, ya know, WINTER suddenly means that nothing’s wrong.  Please watch this lovely clip from Rachel Maddow–includes the excellent Bill Nye the Science Guy.  And right on cue: a Room for Debate piece on this issue from the New York Times.

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