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An ignoble end

June 8, 2010

Miss me faithful readers?  Ah, no fear, I have not deserted you, my better half is to blame- 7 days at mine, 4 days at theirs, and here I am on the Acela heading into NYC.

Today, my comment concerns the rather sad ending to the storied career of Helen Thomas, White House Correspondent.  She “retired” today after some rather unfortunate and inflammatory anti-Semitic remarks were brought to light.  Helen Thomas, for those of you that do not know her, was last spotted at President Obama’s recent press conference on the BP oil spill.  She was the one that asked why our troops were still in Afghanistan.  And, she added, “Don’t give me any Bushism.”  President Obama handled the question with aplomb, although I would imagine he regretted calling on her.

For those of you who missed the presser, you may remember Ms. Thomas from the movie Dave, starring Kevin Kline and Sigourney Weaver.  Her big scene comes when Kevin Kline, our everyman hero in the spotlight due to his doppleganger-in-reverse similarity to the president, gives his press conference on creating a jobs program whereby anyone in America that wants a job can have one.  (Oh, to have such an ambitious government again)  Ms. Thomas stands up as everyone is leaving the press room and says, “Thank you Mr. President!”

Helen Thomas covered 10 presidents, and from the sounds of it, had her own front row seat engraved in the Press Corps.  But she’s been in virtual retirement for a while now, and has lived on as a legend rather than as a current muckraker.  But she had a great career, and it’s sad to see it end in such a way.  I do not condone her remarks, they were wrong (and here is a “teaching moment” as to the truth behind why they were so wrong) and should not have been said.  I only add that it’s hard to see heros and legends come undone by their own hands.

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  1. your mother permalink
    June 9, 2010 12:52 am

    all i could think about was the scene from Dave when i saw the article on the web yesterday. i was literally flabbergasted! undoing by our own hands…it seems to happen that way the majority of the time.

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