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The ever-so cool Bay City Rollers

June 18, 2010

Ha!  Didn’t think you’d be hearing from me again so soon did you loyal readers?  Well, if there’s one thing that this blog ought to show you is to always expect the unexpected.  The news of the week has just been bumming me out, so I thought I’d leave you with a few fun tidbits for your weekend.  I’ll expect thank you cards in the mail.

First off, US v. Slovenia.  Yup, I’ll be following it.  Here.  I don’t know where to livestream it and honestly, since I’m at work it would feel a little wrong.

B.  England.  Go lions.  After James is in for Green at GK, well, go England!

Third:  Mets fans, here’s a nugget for you to chew on.  While you were sweeping the Orioles and the Indians, the basement dwellers of the AL East and Central, respectively, my Braves took 2 of 3 from the Rays and the Twins- the leaders in both those divisions.  As my co-worker said this morning, and I’m paraphrasing, baseball tends to all even out in the end. Your 7 game run probably counts like my Braves 9 game run over the Pirates, Reds (oh, what’s that?  They lead the NL Central?  interesting), and D’Backs. 

Finally, my better half and I are off to a wedding this weekend in a place 7 hours away.  I wish for the cake to be good, the bar to be open, and the tunes to be awesome.

Much like this.

Have a good weekend one and all!!

ps- Don’t forget Pop this weekend.  I got to see “Your Mother” on mom’s day, my dad will be in the land of “you can tell an illegal immigrant by their shoes” so will only get a phone call.

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