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It’s 5:45 am and I’m up

July 31, 2011

My, my, my, it has been a while loyal readers, has it not?  I would imagine some of you (well, the 1 person that keeps hopefully checking the blog every couple days) are saying to yourself, much as Debi Newberry did to Martin Blank in the classic Grosse Point Blank, (pause for effect) . . . Where have you been? or more like What happened? Answer: nowhere and nothing really, I’ve just been a bit of a lazy blog poster.  For that I am sorry.

But, I’m lying in bed at 5:20 this morning, awake, and I’m mad about that because 1) it’s a Sunday morning; 2) I worked yesterday; and 3) I’m secretly really tired.  But darn it if I can’t sleep.  And you want to know why?  It’s so annoying, I makes me despise them even more . . . the debt ceiling.  INORITE?  I am awake at a silly hour after turning off the light about 4 1/2 hours earlier because the R’s in Congress are the biggest bunch of self-serving idiots that I know.  As Wanda Gershwitz would say, “To call you stupid would be an insult to stupid people!!”  Yup, that’s right.

Which made me think, are any of the Dem leadership on the Hill or at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave unable to sleep?  I can’t even imagine the frustration of dealing with a group of people that care more about their hides than the country or their constituents.  It’s truly sad to see Lugar sell his legacy in the vain hopes of not getting primaried.  And this is Congress we are talking about, typically a group of people that love being the show ponies.

I’m not going to go into the backwards and sideways adventures of the debt ceiling bill because I can’t really add anything beyond an incoherent string of curse words and frustrated (yet pointless) oaths of disgust.  We the people are getting screwed, either through default or through a bill that will raise the debt ceiling yet contain a shredding of Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security.  Because make no mistake, that’s what the crazy R’s (all of ’em) have really made this fight about.

And how much of this is being translated to the folks that elected the devil that John Boehner sold his soul too?  I don’t live in the “Heart”land of this country, so it’s hard to say.  But when a lovely place like Wisconsin is now known for cheese, beer, and union-buster Scott Walker, a large part of me despairs.  See?  There I go.  Useless ranting words.  But I’m mad, mainly because a fight that I have no control over is walking me up at a ridiculously early hour – although I did just get to see the sun rise.  And I get to watch this from the beginning (no really, it’s true, I adore cricket).

Can I just add – I really loathe tea party people.  They make me sick.  As does Fox News.  Oh, how about the swift downfall in the UK of Rupert Murdoch?  Couldn’t have happened to a nice guy.  Awwww, the warm fuzzies of good journalism paying off through perseverance (with the help, finally, of an actor who cared enough to use his clout to get things done about it).  Who would that be over here to get a clean debt ceiling bill?  Could Chuck Norris be our guy?

Anyway, I’m just ranting now.  As I lay in bed, thinking I should just get up and write a bit, I tried to think of a fun historical perspective to add.  Usually they just come to me, but I confess myself to be at a loss on this one.  I tried to imagine other times of insanity in the Congress, and came up with the Red Scare of the 1950s; the decision to send the Japanese-Americans to internment camps during World War II; or the years of events that led to the dissolution of the Union and the Civil War.  The problem, as I see it, of using any of those events as a parallel is that it underscores the actual deep and consuming monomania of Joseph McCarthy (with a bit of help by Pat McCarran); the real fear for the safety of the US during a wartime that was actually acknowledged as a wartime; and the strength of the convictions of the Southern contingent that they should be able to continue to keep slaves as they had since the founding (and before) of the country, among many other issues.  I’m not justifying any of these periods.  I recognize the political machinations leading up to intractable resolve was long, and the decisions themselves have shown themselves wrong, but nevertheless, Congress had a bit of the wide-eyed twitch about it during these moments.

The difference, however, as I see it now is that the R’s have been elected by discontented folks, but are really completely unsuited to actual governing and believe in a myth (or in money, or just hate poor people) more than they love their country.  The crazy faction (which is now, as I see it, about 100% of the House Rs and 98% of the Senate Rs) really is looking to burn this country for no apparent reason.  We were in an unspoken war with Communist U.S.S.R. in the 1950s, and I’m guessing there might have been one or two Communists in government; we were at war with Japan and although it’s repugnant to us now, I can at least see a semblance of reasoning (note – not reason, reasoning, albeit wrong) in the acts there.  The actions of South Carolina and ultimately the entire Confederacy, well, that one I have a hard time with but goodness knows there have been books about all the politics that lead up to that fateful day of December 24, 1860.

But there really is no deficit crisis in this country.  If one were to actually look, maybe even read, the facts, one would know that we are borrowing money at a ridiculously low rate.  Interest rates are ridiculously low.  There is no inflation. Sure we could probably cut back on spending and the $1 trillion in savings from ending the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan are a good start.  Followed by the expiration of the Bush tax cuts.  Then lets revisit and see where we are.  But to manufacture crisis?  Then link to it what is nothing but an attack on poor people, and older folks, is criminal.  Period.

And you know what really sucks?  The whole FAA shutdown is getting completely overlooked.  Yes, cause nothing says caring about the country and ensuring its safety more than shutting down a large portion of an agency devoted to protecting airplanes, airports, and the flying public.  Bah.

Now I’m really awake.  I think I’ll read.  It’s a corker of a book.

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