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Who Am I?

WordPress keeps hounding me to update my About page so readers know who is writing the drivel that they are reading instead of doing something more useful like writing the next great American novel, or drinking a lovely brew.  I am currently recommending Pipeline Porter from Kona Brewing Company.   It is cold here and a nice porter warms up any afternoon PLUS it includes Hawaiian words on the bottle cap.  Drinking and learning, bonus upon bonus.

I’m liberal, with a higher degree or two, have a dog, a great job, and am currently living someone who might very well be “the f*cking love of my life.”  And I have a potty mouth.   There you go!

Short list of some of my other favorite things:

1) The Atlanta Braves

2) Snowboarding

3) Rock climbing and cycling to work

4) The Natural and The Shawshank Redemption and The Thin Man movies

5) Sigur Ros and Frank Sinatra and M. Ward and Ella Fitzgerald

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